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Sorachi’s Q&A: Hanging with the Readers #165

<Question from Idiot of The World But Not Idiot of The Sexes from Shiga Prefecture>

A question for Sorachi-sensei! So Shinpachi, is he the frame or the lens? …What exactly is Shinpachi?

The lens is “Shin” and the frame is “pachi.”

—Gintama Vol. 53

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Sorachi’s Q&A: Hanging with the Readers #154

<Question from pen name Struck Gold~! Gintama Pre-Opening Night Festival-san from Osaka>

Sorry for asking you this question. A while ago, I was on Twitter and saw Sorachi-sensei’s name, but you’ve always said that you’re really busy with the manuscript and stuff, so do you actually have time to be on Twitter? Sorachi-sensei, are you really on Twitter?

Whether it’s Twitter or blogs, I’ve never used them before, and have no intention of using them. I express all of my ideas and stress through manga. So I think that Sorachi Hideaki is either someone with the same name as me or the Chinese gorilla.

—Gintama Vol. 50

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Could you please give me the page number of these comments? I'm needing them to have full citations.
Anonymous asked

I can provide page numbers upon request for specific posts (obviously there’s far too many in this blog to do them all at once!).

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Normally people wouldn’t think of rebelling if they aren’t satisfied with society. Characters in One Piece and Naruto are fighting for their dreams and goals, so even though manga going toward dreams are absolutely necessary, if all manga are like that, some readers might think “well, where should I go if I don’t have any dreams?” Or “what should I do if I didn’t do my best every day?” Then, they read Gintama and see everyone in there is living a lazy life, they’ll feel more at ease. Even if you’re lazy, you can still walk down your path of life, and you need to live well, like that.
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Thank you for purchasing Gintama volume 49. I think some of you already know that Gintama The Movie: The Final Chapter ~Be Forever Yorozuya~ will be premiering on July 6, 2013. What is this final chapter? Is Gintama ending? A lot of people have asked this, but it’s not ending. I just think this could be the last fireworks for the Gintama anime, so please stop sending me letters of protests. Every time the anime ends, people will ask “Why did it end!!” But I’ve said many times, Sorachi-sensei won’t ask about the anime. I’ve never requested the anime to end or to continue. Besides, it’s not like the world will decide to continue airing the show just because I said something. It’s the same this time. Since I was asked to come up with the story for the movie, I was told that this could be the last chapter, so it got this title and this material. That’s all there is. I wasn’t trying to stab the anime that’s on the verge of dying. I wasn’t going to use this title in the first place, but before I knew it, the final chapter got attached to it. Well, if you watch the movie, you’ll understand what the title really means, so all I can say right now is to please watch the movie. Anyway, I really treated this as the final chapter when I was drawing it, or maybe I should say, it wouldn’t be surprising if this really became the final chapter, but I’m in this mindset every time I draw a long story arc. In any case, I worked really hard to come up with the story, so I hope you’ll enjoy it.

So that’s it for volume 49, before volume 50 and the movie come out. Volume 50 and the movie will be out in early July, so July will be a Gintama month. I hope you’ll save up some money before July. Then in July, I want you to hit this Hideaki Sorachi’s face.

Please continue to support both the manga and the movie.

—Gintama Vol. 49

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Hideaki Sorachi
I reached my 30&#8217;s right before the volumes did.
—Gintama Vol. 29

Hideaki Sorachi

I reached my 30’s right before the volumes did.

—Gintama Vol. 29

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I often hear that Gintama is very kind to losers. The thought that “a failure like me can still keep living when I read this manga.” But I didn’t intentionally draw losers. I’ve been told that it’s because I’m a loser too. Well, fine. But honestly, I think everyone’s a loser. The only difference is the skin we put on. Once you open the lid and look inside, everyone’s the same.
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Sorachi’s Q&A: Hanging with the Readers #130

<Question from pen name Akabira Ayako-san from Hokkaido>

Sacchan’s home has showed up several times throughout the series, but every time it looks a bit different? Does Sacchan only have one home?

Sacchan has the scary job of an assassin, so she doesn’t stay in one place for too long. She stays at different hotels, but she doesn’t want to be too far from Gin-san, so she’s always in the Kabuki-cho neighborhood.

—Gintama Vol. 46

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Sorachi’s Q&A: Hanging with the Readers #123

<Question from Ogawa-san>

Which Gintama character did you create first?

Gin-san. I started with the main character and decided that I needed someone to contrast and highlight him, so I created Shinpachi. Then he needed a female companion, so I created Kagura. Even though Otae appeared first, I’d created Kagura before her. I started with Yorozuya and expanded on them. By the way, Hasegawa who appeared in Lesson 2 was supposed to join Yorozuya, but I dropped that idea.

—Gintama Vol. 44

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Sorachi’s Q&A: Hanging with the Readers #122

<Question from Sobana-san>

Bansai works as music producer Tsunpo, but the Shinsengumi know his face, so isn’t he in danger?

Music producer “Tsunpo” has never revealed his face to the media. His personal information is also private, like a mysterious producer, so it doesn’t matter. By the way, Otsuu-chan has never seen Tsunpo before either.

—Gintama Vol. 44

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Can you give email or and address where can I send fan letters/mails to Sorachi sensei?
instant-ramen asked

The Japanese fan mail address can be found here:

Viz also used to accept fan mail in their English volumes. However, I don’t know if they still do that (since they no longer publish Gintama), or if they even passed the letters on to the Japanese side at all.

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Sorachi’s Q&A: Hanging with the Readers #121

<Question from Chihiro-san>

Please tell me which Gintama characters are the easiest and hardest to draw.

The easiest ones are Hasegawa and Zenzo. Drawing eyes takes the most effort, but it doesn’t matter for those two. They’re ossans, and they’ll still be ossans no matter how much effort I put in, so it becomes “Ahhh whatever.” It’s the girls that make me go “I must make them cute” and end up taking the most time.

—Gintama Vol. 44